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Current State and Opportunities

Performance, quality & Data Issues
U.S. Health Care industry is overpriced & inefficient mess
Amidst care quality concerns, there are Issues with Talent Acquisition, Efficiency & COST of Operation
Push for evidence-based medicine, reviewing data from a huge range of sources; Inferring trends;
Patient Privecy & Security
Huge explosion of Electronic Clinical Data, Pharmaceutical R&D, Patient Behavior & Sentiment Data
Healthcare providers & payers need to satisfy Privacy advocates while securing patient data from cyber criminals
Comprehensive Patient 360* profiling Payers and health-care providers to shift from free-for-service approach to patient outcomes;
Regulatory Compliance
Fraudulent behaviors in all aspects of healthcare life cycle need to be identified & prevented to protect margins
Create Secure patient care data services
Pace of Technology Adoption
Adoption of Technology and standard across the Provider-Payer landscape lacks consistency &
Advancements in Research and technology not in sync step with accrued benefits to patient community
Use of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Machine Analytics for compliance & fraud prevention

In Health Care industry, we are in the middle of a huge explosion of Electronic Clinical, Pharmaceutical R&D, Patient Behavior & Sentiment Data. Services are exorbitantly overpriced & industry as a whole is in total chaos. Cost of Operation is exponentially increasing and there is an increasing trend of rampant fraud. This puts a lot of pressure on Health Care corporations to protect margins by embracing technological innovations.