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Emerging from the realm of science fiction and Hollywood blockbusters, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way enduring several “AI Winters” since the time it was coined. One has to defy the negative connotationsof AI powering smarter-than-human robots or self-aware machines to realize that in real-world business terms, AI is aneffective tool for managing data and other processes.

AI "is at a tipping point, leading a watershed shift to digital intelligence by discovering previously unseen patterns, drawing new inferences, and identifying new relationships from vast amounts of data. This shift from the current programmatic era to the new AI era will be transformative and disrupt companies and entire markets. To accomplish this, AI/cognitive solutions will require entirely new skill sets and job roles that demand knowledge of bleeding edge technologies and research mindset.

From internet searches to industrial robots that can perform multiple tests and processes at once, AI approaches are becoming more common and more practical. Traditional programs provided a set of instructions for computing devices to follow, but deep machine learning can feed AI networks data and let the computer discover the most efficient processes on its own. Sensors allow AI systems to recognize and adapt to influences around them, such as movement or temperature. In the future, more businesses will look to AI integration to provide the enhanced speed of training and delivery needed to process heaps of information and streamlining repetitive tasks.