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The Internet of Things (IOT) is a modern concept rapidly gaining traction in board room discussions and consumer households alike as the number or devices or “things” connected to the internet grows exponentially.

Rapidly growing number of "smart" devices that are connected via Wi-Fi networks to both users and manufacturers along with connected and autonomous cars have made IoT use cases ubiquitous. For example, Smart devices from commercial HVAC units to break room coffee makers can gather information via sensors and user input, take commands, and transmit usage data to company computers. This provides valuable information that companies can analyze to develop more effective products and marketing techniques.

Smart products such as lighting that shuts itself off when everyone leaves the room, or security systems that send the homeowner text alerts when someone's at the door, are making life easier for millions of consumers, and the demand is only going to rise. The IoT era is well under way, and companies that fail to embrace and innovate along with it will soon find themselves falling behind.

Internet of Things (IoT) is further evolving to Internet of Anything (IoA). Future of IoT involves automation and integration of multiple streams of data into a single output format. Organizations are empowering business users with actionable intelligence derived from data (in-motion and at-rest). Connecting “a(ny) thing” to internet gives ability to sense and control data which can in turn become visible, analyzable and actionable. Using IoT applications can help companies transform their businesses.

The rise of the “smart city” is a defining moment for the Internet of Things revolution as diverse technologies are getting amalgamated into large-scale, multi-layered solutions for making not only cities smarter, but for the benefit of entire nations. Increasingly, with sensors proliferating and use cases and applications expanding, technology seems to be poised to make this adaptable and scalable to even solve world hunger! By extending these solutions to villages and rivers in deep rural terrain at lower costs makes a case for proactively solving acute food and water shortage challenges. Taking the center stage as an IoT leader, BlueScaler delivers essential glue for this transformation through our BetterWorld solution and complementary professional services.